Gute Aussichten © Stefanie Schröder

Ten-Year Anniversary: "gute aussichten" - Young German Photography

Launched in 2004, “gute aussichten (Good Prospects) – Young German Photography” has established itself as the most important prize for young talents in contemporary photo art in Germany

Since 2004, House of Photography at Deichtorhallen has been advancing the “gute aussichten (Good Prospects) – Young German Photography” project. In the meantime, it established itself as the most important prize for up and coming photographers in the field of contemporary photo art in Germany. Also in 2014, photography graduates had thee chance to submit their final year projects to an expert jury, with Josefine Raab, Dr. Wibke von Bonin, Claudia Christoffel, Paul Graham, Mario Lombardo, Stefan Becht and Ingo Taubhorn as members. In total, they received 115 entres from 40 institutions. Acht young talents were named winners, The works of Karolin Back, Katharina Fricke, Andrea Grützner, Marvin Hüttermann, Stefanie Schroeder, Jannis Schulze, Kolja Warnecke, and Eduard Zent will be showcased from 22 January to 8 March at Deichtorhallen’s House of Photography.

Laurels for Visual Storytelling From Hamburg

One of the eight winners chosen for the show is at home in Hamburg, and a graduate of the city’s University of Applied Sciences: Kolja Warnecke. For his graduation work titled “tracks”, Kolja accompanied Bea, a middle-aged woman he had met at a swingers club, with his camera and followed her life. Once a week, they met somewhere outside or at home. Warnecke’s images speak of closeness and distance, invitation and denial, defense and preparedness. Slowly but surely, the individual pictures started to compose tracks of Bea’s life. Seen together, they tell of grief and injury, traumatic experiences, effort on trying to overcome the past, and the wistful desire to live a “normal” life. Kolya Warnecke thus created a visual narrative that mirrors the unspeakable.

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