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Study: Germans see future in innovative media

Survey finds considerable potential in VR/AR and live streams - respondents show limited willingness to pay

New journalistic formats, including podcasts, VR and messenger services, are proliferating in the wake of digitalization. The question is: which of these innovations will find a use? Where do Germans see potential? And to what extent are they willing to pay for the new content? Statista’s survey, conducted on behalf of nextMedia.Hamburg in May, focuses on “New Storytelling”.

Greatest potential in live streams and VR/AR

Two thirds of Germans believe that live streaming will emerge as a new trend. In addition, the respondents see virtual and/or augmented reality (49 per cent) and messenger services (45 per cent) gaining a foothold in the media market. Only 27 per cent give language assistants and podcasts a chance of success in the long term. Germans are in general open to innovations in the media, with just one in 10 believing that none of the above formats will succeed.

Limited willingness to pay for new content formats

The survey also found that there was little willingness among respondents to pay for the new formats. The online free culture that consumers have grown accustomed to with text has become entrenched. Livestreaming services at 29 per cent and VR at 25 per cent had the best outcomes here. Only 4 per cent of Germans are prepared to pay for automatically generated texts.

Infographic: "VR Offers"
Infographic: "VR Offers" © next.Media Hamburg

Virtual reality – documentation and sport

Virtual and/or augmented reality are seen as having the greatest potential. Almost half of the respondents valued the heightened experience and the possibility of gaining an impression of a situation. And nearly three quarters thought that documentaries would be successful. They were less keen on news services at 34%. VR services are currently used mainly in programmes on nature (67 per cent), sport (49 per cent) and science (47 per cent).

“New Storytelling” in scoopcamp

The survey was conducted ahead of the 10th scoopcamp innovation conference in Hamburg on September 27. Launched in 2009, Hamburg@work – joined in 2014 by nextMedia.Hamburg – along with dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur have invited more than 250 experts, decision-makers and IT and media innovators to a debate on trends. New Storytelling, data journalism and social media in digital media will be the main themes this year.

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