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Innovation in Hamburg's Music Industry

Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft to launch startup pitch

A the Music WorX Day 2015 on 30 November, six founders and young companies from the music industry will be competing to win 5,000 euro of prize money from the Hamburg Ministry of Culture. Pitching at the Nochtspeicher, a music club close to Reeperbahn, the participants will be presenting their business ideas in front of potential investors and a jury with experts from the music industry.

Nationwide Tender

The guests of the pitch will be deciding who will be the winner of the media budget, covering a full-size ad in the industry magazine „musikmarkt. The application is open startups and entrepreneurs of the music industry from all over Germany. Music WorX is a joint project of the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft.

Keynote by Steffen Holly

Corporate partners of the Music WorX Day include Adore, Your Requiem / Timbre and Texture and Conduct it. Participants of the pitch will also include the contestants of the Music WorX Accelerators, i.e. Crowdmates, Indigo Engineering and Soundnotation that have been advancing their business models over a period of three months in the course of the project. A keynote by Steffen Holly from the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology will introduce the startup pitch.

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