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Sofa Concerts: Live Music in the Living Room

A gig in your living room? The new platform is the latest online matchmaker, connecting upcoming artists to music lovers

Friday night in a quiet two-bedroom apartment. On a cosy leather sofa, kitchen chairs, and floor cushions, a dozen young people have taken a seat The light is dim, the atmosphere warm and familiar. From time to time, someone sips some beer, while others are closely listening to the guitarist, playing in the middle of the little audience. Carelessly plucking the strings, he agrees to a self-composed song. Somehow like this a music evening of Sofa Concerts will commence.

Separate Profiles for Musicians and Hosts

The Hamburg-based startup offers artists the perfect environment to showcase their songs, and music lovers are offered the the possibility to hosts live concerts, or even larger events, at home. Musicians and hosts are invited to upload their profile, to make contacts, and to give feedback via the platform.

Your Home is the Stage

“With Sofa Concerts, we launched a platform in a sector where nothing equivalent existed so far”, the Miriam Schütt und Marie-Lene Armingeon explained in an Interview with Hamburg Startups. The enterprising duo is convinced by its idea: “We show that good live music is not far away. Whether living room, attic or kitchen – each room has what it takes to be a concert venue!”

Sofa Concerts Abroad

Indeed, is a great success. Since its formation in 2013, the concept has conquered Germany in a rush. The founders, however, are even more ambitious. “We want to bring SofaConcerts also to other European countries and give newcomers the opportunity to give perform internationally.” The fact that SofaConcerts’ business idea has a huge potential was also confirmed by the jury andaudience of the “ MUSIC WORKS Day 2014 “: http: //, where Marie-Lene Armingeon and Miriam Schütte successfully competed three other finalists.

Money & More

The benefits of SofaConcerts for musicians and hosts are obvious: The platform offers artists an ideal marketing channel and music lovers the opportunity to joyfully share their passion with other music enthusiasts. But what generates the platform’s revenue? Sofa Concerts is financed by a 13 per cent commission on the price agreed by the artist and host. The fees range from 150 euro for a concert in the intimate setting to 600 and 1200 euro at larger events or premises.

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