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Seven-digit investment for Hamburg-based wingu

Investment opens up exciting new opportunities for start-up - Oliver Sinner among invest

The Hamburg-based wingu start-up recently secured an undisclosed, seven-digit investment. Wingu allows users to upload content such as videos, sound files, pictures and text or to integrate personal content on web shops, CMS and SAP. These so-called location-based services are then available on mobile phones and tablets anytime, anywhere. The investors include Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg and a high-ranking group linked to Oliver Sinner, the founder of the SinnerSchrader – Germany’s fourth largest digital marketing and advertising agency.

Use in factory sites

Formerly known as Speicher 210 GmbH, Michael Wolf and Hanz Geeratz founded wingu AG in 2016. Commenting on the investment, Wolf said: “When we were looking for investors, we consciously approached a pioneer of Industry 4.0 because we want to focus on that and become more involved in it.” At present, wingu provides industrial clients with information about maintenance work on heavy-duty equipment e.g. error reports and machine breakdowns in real time.

The software defines locations with iBeacons, Eddystone, Geofence, QR codes or NFC. The content is then attached to a location where the user activates a trigger. The platform offers designs for different content e.g. surveys, vouchers or lotteries.

Demands on digitalisation

Sinner remarked: “I believe in the platform-as-a-service business model to make location based services available and manageable for everyone – anytime and immediately. The control of location-based informaton has long since become one of the main demands on digitalisation in many sectors and thus should not be complicated.”

15 developers in Hamburg and Krakow

The investment sum will help expand teams working on product development and marketing and will help drive internationalisation. At present, 15 developers in Hamburg and Krakow work on the platform. Over 300 subscribers such as Canon, Vattenfall, TUI Robinson and Fendt use wingu to manage location-based services and to interact with mobile phones and other mobile devices. The content is available on an app in real time.

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