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SERIES: Co-working Spaces in Hamburg

Expats offer co-working space in Hamburg. Shhared's USP is its special focus on interaction and networking

At the beginning of every company, there is an idea. However, to implement their idea is often seen by founders as a difficult challenge. In most cases, a supporting network and the right help is lacking – two major reasons why young companies do not succeed from the very start. The co-working space Shhared in Hamburg-Altona has been set up to precisely tackle this problem.

Community Centre

As the name explains, co-working spaces put great emphasis on the exchange between freelancers, entrepreneurs and founders. At the co-working space Shhared, it shapes everyday work, making it the USP of the provider.
Shhared was founded by Alex Ahom, a brit calling Hamburg his second home. Ahom recognised the potential of Hamburg’s startup scene, and now strives to support it sthrough its co-working project.

Less Distraction, More Synergies

Sharing work spaces creates a stimulating environment, provide a supportive community and opens up interesting business opportunities. As entrepreneurs and startups often feel isolated, Shhared wants to help them by improving the infrastructure and promoting the sharing of knowledge and expertise. The co-working provider promises fewer distractions than in a home office, and more synergies than in a cafe.

Different Booking Options

Shhared is welcoming both both short-term and flexible bookings as well as longer-office reservations. Shhared offers two high-speed wired and wireless encrypted Internet networks, phone, postal and printing services, individual desks and team offices and conference facilities along with events and workshops. Located at Otto-von-Bahren-Park, office hours are 8 a.m. to 6.p.m. For further details on pricing and offers on option, please refer to Shhared’s website.

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