Bürgermeister Olaf Scholz und Dan Zakai (CEO von Mindspace © Davide Ragusa

Hamburg Mayor Olaf Scholz visits Mindspace

Israeli provider celebrating first months in Hamburg with a virtual reality exhibiton - Zakai, CEO of Mindspace, says: "We are planning more branches"

The Israeli company Mindspace celebrated Friday (November 25) its launch in Hamburg’s Alten Klöpperhaus at Rödingsmark in April with a special virtual reality exhibition under the theme “Moin moin Hamburg” attended by 400 guests. The exhibits include products by Noys, Trendone, Hashplay and Valve and illustrate virtual reality in sports, gaming, music and real estate. Mayor Olaf Scholz had visited the co-working space Wednesday prior to the celebrations.

Appealing concept

Dan Zakai, CEO and co-founder of Mindspace, said: “We are throwing the party to thank the community in Hamburg for the first months. We are very happy to be part of the Hanse city’s growing tech and start-up scene. The warm-hearted reception is great and that so many of them have found a new home in our space in Hamburg.”

Scholz gained an impression of modern working life and the co-working concept during a tour of the building. He noted: “Mindspace’s development is impressive. The well-networked Mindspace community allows new ideas to spread across the world from here. The co-working space complements the existing infrastructure for innovative workers in Hamburg. Mindspace offers space for exchange and creativity and underlines Hamburg’s importance as an international location for founders.”

The almost four-metre high ceilings, huge windows and glass-partitioned office spaces create real room for creativity and new kinds of collaboration. Mindspace is the latest in a whole series of co-working spaces such as betahaus or shhared earlier presented by Hamburg New.

More branches planned

Mindspace offers around 650 fully equipped, high-tech desk spaces on 4,000 square metres of office space 24/7. Three of the four floors are well booked, Zakai told Hamburg News. The company is working on new products for members. Zakai said: “We carry out regular surveys to find out what the community needs and how we can support them.” Mindspace also branches in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Finding suitable personnel is a key success factor, he added. Community managers look after the individual branches and members’ needs. Events like start-up fairs, talks and presentations are sources of inspiration and exchange. Zakai said. “The concept is being received well and we are looking to open more branches in Hamburg and elsewhere.”

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About Mindspace

Mindspace is an international provider of co-working office spaces in Berlin and Hamburg. Founded in Tel Aviv by Dan Zakai and Yotam Alroy in 2013, the company has two branches there with 6,000 square metres each and a 1,000-strong community. Mindspace offers fully-equipped, high-tech desk spaces for companies of various sizes.

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