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Reeperbahn Festival Opened at Klubhaus St. Pauli

Official ceremony at Reeperbahn's new hot venue. "Europe's bestes Showcase Festival" to stage some 500 concerts until Saturday

The tenth edition of the Reeperbahn Festival was officially opened at the new Klubhaus St. Pauli last night. At the gala presented by “the voice of the Euro Vision Song Contest” Dr. Peter Urban and “Mr. MTV” Ray Cokes, Dr. Carsten Brosda, Director of the Office for Media in Hamburg Senate Chancellery, recalled in his opening address the international appeal of the Reeperbahn Festival and the importance of the music industry for the city of Hamburg, underpinned by a survey on Germany’s music industry presented at city hall yesterday. “Within ten years, the Reeperbahn Festival has been constantly confirming its potential to develop in breadth and depth, year after year”. In these challenging times, it becomes once again clear “that music has not only the gift to make us take a rest from the hectic modern life, but also to render us dynamic and energetic”, Brosda said. The Reeperbahn Festival offers “many formative important first impressions – of the city, by the people and the music. “

From Newcomer to Superstar

Lutz Marmor, chairman of ARD and NDR said, “I am proud that the NDR has been a partner of the Reeperbahn Festival from its very first beginning. There is no other festival where we made many recordings for our audience as here in Hamburg.” Also in 2015, the NDR will produce more than fifty audio and video recordings. “The first intimate shows by artists who are superstars today, represent a piece of music history today documented in the archives of the NDR. We have preserved them as “do you still recall…” moments for our audiences. With its concerts for the general public as well as for connaisseurs, the Reeperbahn Festival creates unforgettable moments that connect people internationally – and will do so in the future. The NDR would thus like to accompany the Reeperbahn Festival in coming years and decades as a partner. “

Europe’s Best Showcase Festival

In an interview with Ray Cokes, the founder and CEO of Reeperbahn Festival, Alexander Schulz, looked back onto the success story of the past decade, talked about 2015’s new features, and explained the challenges encountered by the festival, music lovers, and the music industry.

Tuomo Tähtinen, Executive Director Music Finland and initiator of AusFinnland, the first country cooperation of the Reeperbahn Festival, told the guests of the opening ceremony that the success story of the Reeperbahn Festival has spread not only to Finland, but to considerably more countries, and that a country co-operation best with “Europe Showcase Festival” is an opportunity not to be missed under any circumstances.

The opening gala ended with a showcase of the Swedish band Friska Viljor – a band to discover at Reeperbahn Festival, which will be staging some 500 concerns on and around Hamburg’s famous nightlife strip until Saturday, 26 September.

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