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"Publish_Public_Spaces" hackathon for coders

Interdisciplinary teams to work on prototypes for tourism, local transport or catering sector

A hackathon to be held under the theme “Publish_Public_Spaces“ by Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft and next media accelerator from November 9-11, 2017 in WeWork Stadthaus will focus on the influence of smartphones and media in public spaces and try to find ways of using virtual and augmented reality sensibly.

Prototypes for tourism and local transport

Interdisciplinary teams will spend 48 hours working on innovative approaches and prototypes for use in tourism, local transport or the catering sector. The hackathon is open to developers, designers, marketeers, artists and all those e.g. over-the-counter trade, public transport and local media dealing with public spaces.

Supported by Xing and MoPo

The partners of the hackathon include Hamburg Tourismus GmbH, Xing AG, Hamburger Morgenpost, Jost von Brandis Service-Agetur GmbH, the Hamburg Media School and the Urban Storytelling Lab. Participants stand to win prizes worth EUR 3,000.

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