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Prototyping Lab 2019 launches

Joint AI project targeting development of prototypes

Twelve students are spending the winter 2019/2020 term exploring the potential of artificial intelligence with Hamburg’s leading media companies at nextMedia.Hamburg’s “Prototyping Lab”. Emphasis is on developing new ideas and building prototypes in interdisciplinary groups. The students had taken part in the kick-off workshop at the finhaven co-working space on Friday (October 22, 2019) and exchanged their ideas with Spiegel Media, Bauer Media Group and N-Joy.

Exchange, experiences and fresh ideas

“This year, too, we want to use the ‘Prototyping Lab’ to promote the exchange of knowledge between actors from business and science and to boost the innovative ecosystem in Hamburg’s media scape,” said Nina Klaß, head of nextMedia.Hamburg. This will allow students to gain experience and to work on solutions to challenges while companies can benefit from students’ ideas and their fresh input. Benjamin Ferreau, an AI and User Journey expert with the Akanoo computer software company, will act as mentor and contact person during the project.

Media companies hoping for successful collaboration

Students from the University of Hamburg, the University of Applied Sciences Wedel, the Hamburg Media School and representatives of the media companies developed initial ideas and approaches for developing prototypes. Three teams and their partners will turn the ideas into prototypes. “It is particularly important to us that we work at eye level with the students and have a regular exchange. We have agreed on suitable tools with the students to guarantee short co-ordinating processes,” said Julian Wagner, Head of Bauercreate at the Bauer Media Group, which had taken part in the first event. Representatives of Spiegel are also taking part in the second event with the goal of developing a prototype that offers the company added value. N-Joy is the latest partner company to the Prototying Lab 2019. “We learnt that very concrete prototypes with practical uses had been created during the last lab. So we are hoping to achieve that also,” said Dr. Johanna Leuschen of N-Joy. Those interested can look up the teams’ progress on the nextMedia.Hamburg’s website and on social media channels.

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