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Protonet seeks international investors in "Zoe" smart home hub

Hamburg start-up had record crowd funding in 2014. "Zoe" to link data security with smart home technology

Protonet has launched its first international crowd funding on the U.S. Indiegogo platform with its latest smart home hub named “Zoe”. Protonet’s crowd funding campaign made headlines in 2014 with orange-colored mini servers. At the time, the start-up earned around USD 1 million on the German seedmatch platform within 90 minutes for the private cloud server Maya and hitting a new world record. It eventually earned a total of EUR 3 million for the product.

Zoe takes orders

Protonet aims to launch its first smart home technology product on the market with “Zoe”. This is a secure control centre for private householders allowing people to monitor the heating, windows or doors at home per voice command. The tiny server can even carry out orders like switching on lights or a music system when the door opens. “Zoe” also has so-called drops or small mobile gadgets that are positioned throughout a house and can receive voice commands. But individual ones can also be switched off.

Accelerator programme in Silicon Valley

“Zoe” will also meet demands on data sovereignty similar to Protonet’s other cloud-based solutions Maya, Carla and Carlita. All voice data will be saved locally in a 2 GB coded server and separately from external cloud providers. Ali Jelveh, co-founder and CEO of Protonet, said: “People should be able to decide at home how they want to live with modern technology. In 2016, we will launch one of the smartest and most aesthetic smart home hubs with Zoe on the B2C market. It has intelligent voice recognition, it listens and learns when addressed.” Protonet is en route towards global IT business with crowd funding. pb

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About Protonet

Protonet GmbH was founded in 2012 by Ali Jelveh and Christopher Blum. After a record crowd funding campaign in 2014, Seedmatch chose Protonet as start-up of the year at the Lead Awards. Protonet is headquartered in Hamburg and also has a branch in San Francisco, CA. The firm’s private cloud server aims to give user groups legal security by letting them run cloud-suited applications on their own servers and to save all data there. More information can be found on

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