Teil der Hamburger Delegation auf der SXSW 2019 © Hamburg Startups/Mathias Jäger

Pitch breakfasts and "future of" conference at SXSW

Maren und Matthias Wagener, founders of Hamburg's Vast-Forward report from Austin, Texas

In 2015, Maren and Matthias Wagener swoppped their office in Hamburg for a yacht, which is now both their office and home. The couple provides digital services and manages projects such as display ad campaigns, websites and apps for agencies and start-ups. To do so, they rely on over 100 programmers whom they contact on Skype, per email and telephone. As part of Hamburg’s delegation, the Wageners are now undertaking their second stint at the South by Southwest festival underway in Austin, Texas from March 8–17, 2019. The pair report on their experiences in Austin for Hamburg News.

SXSW 4 (11.03.)

Vast Forward began the new week at SXSW in Austin, Texas by sponsoring breakfast in the German Haus. That was followed by daily pitches, panels, lectures, talks and workshops. We found ourselves in the midst of many intriguing conversations and picked up plenty of new visiting cards.

Roboter Lovot
Lovot the robot © Hamburg Startups/Mathias Jäger

The Future of ____

SXSW has an incredible amount of parallel tracks, shows and events, which can be difficult to overview. Monday’s sub-conference, “The Future of ____ “ held on the first floor of a co-working space, focused on energy, smart cities and mobility. Then, Hamburg-based start-ups pitched to a jury and asked about business models, competition and revenue strategies. A robot named Lovot, presented by a Japanese start-up, proved a highlight. Lovot is approx. 40 centimetres tall, has LED eyes and a camera on his head and enthralled the entire audience.

SXSW 5 (12.03.)

Breakfast with start-ups followed on Tuesday as part of the Breakfast Pitch Club. Start-ups who arrived with Hamburg Startups took to the stage at the German Haus included Localyze, Tomorrow, Cargonexxx, Coldpasmatech, Airy, JobMatchMe, Scribers[Hub]. The pitches proved great and the international audience was thrilled.

Guest commentary by Maren und Matthias Wagener, founders of Vast Forward.

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South by Southwest

South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, is the world’s largest digital and creative festival. From March 8-2019, creative people, start-ups and media producers from all over the globe are meeting there to present and discuss the latest and upcoming trends. Hamburg is presenting itself as an innovative business location and as a liveable city at this key international industry meeting. In addition, Hamburg is offering accompanying firms a platform to present themselves, open up new market opportunities and network. The Interessengemeinschaft Hamburger Musikwirtschaft (IHM) is executing Hamburg’s presentation in Austin with Hamburg Marketing, the Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg Startups and Hamburg Invest. The Hanseatic city is also be a partner of the German Haus, the hotspot of the German programme at SXSW.

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