Die Gründer von Skybus v.l.: Pierre Manière, Marius Schmeding und Peter Sorowka © Muriel Liebmann

Cybus to get six-figure investment sum

Industry 4.0 on the rise. Hamburg-based start-up wins Hidden Champion

The Hamburg-based start-up Cybus (formerly known as Skybus) is to receive a six-digit seed investment sum from the Pfanneberg Group, the company announced Friday (July 1st). Cybus is developing a complex software platform that connects industrial machinery and software applications with each other. This will benefit Pfannenberg – a manufacturer of cooling products to enable precise control of the internal environment and chillers to cool machinery.

Investment sector eyeing Industry 4.0

Pierre Manière, CEO of Cybus, said: “With Pfannenberg group, not only have we acquired a great first funding, but also an extremely interesting strategic partner. With their broad range of experience from different industry sectors and a common understanding for industry solutions, the cooperation is a huge gain for us.” In an interview with Hamburg Startups, Manière and his co-founders noted the role of Industry 4.0 in a dynamic market, which is being watched closely by the investment sector.

Increased sales and marketing

Andreas Pfannenberg, Managing Director of Pfannenberg, said: “This investment is not entirely philantrophic. We are fully convinced by the team and the solution presented by Cybus for spanning bridges between the highest industrial demands and state-of-the art internet technology. That holds huge potential for developing our services. Apart from that, we can learn plenty from them even though we are a well-established medium-sized company.”

The funds will go mainly towards sales and marketing and for strengthening the company’s development section, Cybus said.

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