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"Paramour" musical - a mix of music and artistry

EUR 10 million co-production by Stage Entertainment GmbH and Cirque du Soleil in Hamburg

Hamburg is the world’s third largest musical city after New York and London and that sets standards. Now, Stage Entertainment and Cirque du Soleil have come together for the joint Hamburg production of the “Paramour” musical, which celebrated its world premiere in 2016. “In Paramour, artistry will be added as a fourth narrative dimension alongside the musical triad of dance, singing and acting,” said Stephan Jaekel, spokesman for Stage Entertainment GmbH.

Cast of 40 artists including 22 acrobats

“Paramour”, which replaces the hit “Aladdin” show, tells the story of a love triangle set in the Golden Age of Hollywood – a glitzy era stretching from the 1930s to the 1950s. The plot centres on a new, legendary film starring a young Indigo actress, who is torn between an ambitious director and a talented musician. Passion, romance and the showbiz setting ensure that the artistry is not simply decorative, but also “supports the plot”, Jaekel promised. The 40 artists including 22 acrobats makes for Stage Entertainment’s largest ever cast on stage in a Hamburg musical.

European premiere

“Paramour” celebrates its European premiere on April 14, 2019 in Hamburg’s Stage Theater Neue Flora. The musical celebrated its world premiere on May 25, 2016 at the Lyric Theatre on Broadway in New York. The stage layout is expected to take four months, Stage Entertainment estimated. “This is unusually long for a musical and is due to the complicated interplay between artistry and classical musical,” said Jaekel. And security and artistic standards have to be put in place. More than EUR 10 million has been invested in the show so far. Everything has to work “like clockwork” to recoup the investment at the box office.

EUR 600 million external added value

Hamburg will reap the rewards, if “Paramour” is a hit show. “Our four big musicals lead to an external customer added value of more than EUR 600 million per annum”, Jaekel stressed. This includes income generated in hotels, restaurants, the retail trade and other cultural institutions in Hamburg. Paramour even has the potential to develop a disproportionately high share of this added value, “because the innovative ‘Cirque du Soleil trifft auf Musical’ attracts national guests right from the start, who stay longer in the city than visitors from Hamburg and the surrounding area.”

Growing culture and creative sectors

The “added musical value” is now on a solid footing. Musicals have enjoyed popularity in Hamburg since Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats” premiered in the Operettenhaus in 1986, where it ran for 14 years and triggering a 30-year boom. “The Lion King”, now in its 18th year at the Stage Theater am Hafen indicates the economic significance of music and musicals in Hamburg. More people work in the cultural and creative industries in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region than the national average and companies generate higher turnover, according to a Data Report published in early February. Hopes are now high that the popularity of musicals can help boost the cultural and creative sector in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in the long-term.

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