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Oxatis takes Channel Pilot Solutions

Takeover allows Oxatis to become Europe's leading e-commerce SaaS enterprise

The publicly-listed French software-as-a-service company (SaaS) Oxatis has acquired the Hamburg-based e-commerce service provider Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, a press release said Monday (November 5, 2018). The cloud-based marketing tool for online shops is based on a multi-channel online tool, which is linked to over 2,000 online marketing channels. Founded in 2001 based, the takeover Oxatis on course to become Europe’s leading SaaS enterprise.

Boosting international presence

Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH is set to benefit from the know-how at Oxatis and will also invest in IT and Research & Development (R&D). The move allows Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH to raise its international presence especially in France, Britain Spain and Italy. Ralf Priemer, Managing Director of Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, said: “Thanks to this step, we can use Oxatis’ investments to expand the technologies of our five modules – product data marketing, marketplace connectivity, market price analysis, dynamic pricing and product data-based bidding – even faster.”

By taking over Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, Oxatis now has offices in Paris, Marseille, London, Barcelona and Madrid as well as in Hamburg. Priemer and Lars Niemann, the founders of Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH, remain managing directors and hold shares in the Oxatis Group with immediate effect.

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Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH

Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH is a Hamburg-based e-commerce SaaS provider. The company’s ChannelPilot tool offers online shops, agencies and brands an innovative cloud-based multi-channel tool. This enables users to export their product data to various channels, comprehensively optimize them and significantly increase their sales. More than 30 per cent of the top 2,000 webshops in Europe now use ChannelPilot, the company said. In addition to its headquarters in Hamburg, the company is also represented in London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Moscow and Silicon Valley.

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