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New Overview on Hamburg's Startups

Hamburg Startups launches a new series on startups in Hamburg. The series commences with a portrait of the startup dock at the University of Technology

In the language of founders, a startup hub is understood as a place to meet other startups in order to exchange ideas, to find funding, or to collaborate on projects. Hamburg startups as the organiser of Hamburg’s startup scene with each new startup listed in its startup monitor, is now launching a series presenting the various startup hubs in Hamburg.

Startup Dock

The first player presented will be the Startup Dock of the Hamburg University of Technology, which has already been presented by the “Hamburg News: http: // dock /. The Startup Hub intends to destroy common stereotype and clichés, and to turn students into entrepreneurs. Courses on entrepreneurship are now part of its programme.

For more information about the Startup Dock and its organisers, please refer “Contribution of Hamburg Startups” at

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