Pop-up Office 2019 der Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft © Selim Sudheimer/Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Otto Group's pop-up office provides new ideas

Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft creating experimental spaces with new working culture

Applications are now being accepted for Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft’s 2019 pop-up office. Interested parties have until the deadline of Wednesday (April 3, 2019) to submit their entries. Interdisciplinary teams will focus on the working world of the future in the pop-up office. The Otto Group is considered a pioneer of cultural change needed for successful digital transformation. The buzzword cultural change implies more openness, profit-orientation, freedom and responsibility for individual employees, a changed culture of error and shorter decision-making paths.

Controlled loss of control

The Otto Group launched Cultural Change 4.0 in 2016. The concept comprises the introduction of new working methods, more collaboration and networking to use digitalisation for creating added value. Since 2017, internal cultural change teams have been linking up employees across the Otto Group to encourage a new form of co-operation. Transparency and the abolition of silos should lead to a desired loss of control. In 2018, Otto Group employees in various subsidiaries took part in Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft’s pop-up office. The Hamburg Kreativegesellschaft is a municipal funding institution for creative workers in Hamburg.

Interdisciplinary teams create impulses

Interdisciplinary teams from human resources managers to art directors in many companies and industries worked together for several days in 2018. They identified joint challenges in diverse working environments, explored the roots of problems in deep dives and developed prototypical solutions in a design studio.

Pop-up office 2019

“The pop-up office is a unique opportunity for truly interdisciplinary work with incredibly open people who can (and want to) get excited. I have taken numerous impulses back into my daily work, especially for radical changes of perspective and to implement topics quickly and pragmatically,” said Ilka Hindrichs, Project Manager Corporate Strategy & Development at the Otto Group. Three rounds of the pop-up office have been scheduled for 2019.

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