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Online Platform Deskaround: Free Corporated Desk Space may be the First Step for a Future Job

A work desk does not have to be a job, but can turn into one. The Hamburg-based startup provides free desk spaces in companies for students

The online platform Deskaround plans to kill several birds with one stone. Through its network, the Hamburg startup finds a free desk in companies, where student are able to pursue their own project while simultaneously, gaining a first working experience. So, without part-time jobs and internships, first contacts can be made. The company,in return, gets close insights into the work and the personality of the student. The focus, however, is the work itself.

Successful concept

A lack of working areas was the problem that caused caKatharina Sack, Luise Letzner und Thimon Triebel to launch their new business. As part of a joint study project, the three students of the HafenCity University developed and tested their business idea through trial work in different companies. The concept worked. Since autumn 2013, Deskaround has thus brought together students and businesses. In May 2014, the founders were granted financial support by the scholarship programme “Social Impact Start”.

Exchange by agreement

On the website of the startup, companies can offer their desk space to students. Unlike co-working spaces, these places may be used free of charge. The exchange between the company and student is prearranged by a contract set up between the two parties. Instead of money, students will “pay” for their desk space by contributing content, giving inspiration, or offering help ini research or recruitment. At the same time, participating businesses can show social responsibility and support for the share economy.

Non-Binding Cooperation

Offers by a company should comprise a work desk, a chair, an electrical outlet and an Internet connection. The supervision of students is not expected. However, employees may benefit from the exchange with the student. The use of the platform is for free, but donations are welcome.

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