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Nüwiel to start trials of environment-friendly bike trailer

Hamburg-based start-up working on potentially, revolutionary bike for logistics sector

The Hamburg-based Nüwiel start-up is to start trials of its intelligent, electricity-run bicycle trailer that may yet revolutionise the logistics sector. The tests will be held this summer in north Germany and Berlin with Nüwiel’s five co-operating partners. The design of the novel trailer is based on special sensor technology that measures the distance between bicycle and trailer. If a route goes downhill, a signal is sent to the brakes via the control system. If the route goes uphill, a signal is sent to the engine. In that way, the trailer knows exactly when to speed up or hit the brakes. The cyclist does not notice the weight of the trailer; travels safer and can avoid traffic jams, noise and pollution. Founded by the engineers Natalia Tomiyama, Fahad Khan and Sandro Rabbiosi, the team will announce more details in the next weeks.

Endurance test – Nüwiel to tour Europe

Meanwhile, Tomiyama has told Hamburg News that she and a good friend will take the bicycle trailer on a tour of Europe departing Hamburg for Barcelona to put Nüwiel’s invention to an “absolute endurance test”. Their tour will eventually take the duo across the continent to stops on Italy’s east coast and elsewhere. Her co-founder Sandro hit on the idea for the trailer while he was searching for an environment-friendly, alternative means of transport to take his children around the city. However, the team found that developing a trailer for children takes far longer than developing a load carrier for packages. Nüwiel has now set its sights on launching a totally independent transporter on the market.

Old meets new economy

In the run-up to the trials, the Nüwiel founders took part in many events such as the designxport in May, the VELOHamburg, the brand eins conference and the CUBE Tech Fair in Berlin. The trio met their present mentor Henning Fehrmann, of Fehrmann Metallverarbeitung GmbH, at an event held by the private initiative Hamburg Startups. Fehrmann offers advice when key business decisions have to be made and benefits from his mentees’ experience.

After all kinds of networking and pitching events, the trio are now entering a new phase: “We hope to take a short break from events in the next months and will leave the tests of our prototypes up to our pilot customers,” said the founders.

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