Platz 2: Laut Glücksatlas 2017 sind Hamburger besonders zufrieden © Deutsche Post AG

North home to "most satisfied" Germans

Hamburg ranks second on Deutsche Post AG's "Happinness Atlas 2017"

Hamburg has ranked second on Deutsche Post’s seventh Happiness Atlas. The survey took account of categories such as general contentment, housing and leisure, work as well as health and income. People in Hamburg expressed above average satisfaction in all categories and had the highest disposable income. Schleswig-Holstein topped the ranking with 7.43 points above the German average of seven points.

Attractive region, cultural diversity and low long-term care rate

The survey took account of factors that impact happiness, how life contentment has changed in recent years and where the happiest people live. People in Hamburg scored 7.28 out of 10 points maximum and moved up the highest over 2016 when it scored sixth. Hamburg scored well thanks to the very attractive Elbe region and a thriving tourism sector. The diverse cultural and leisure offers in the city contributed to the outcome. Hamburg also has a low long-term care rate compared to other regions and a small share of people with health impairments, which also had a positive effect on the level of happiness.

Happiest people in north

Schleswig-Holstein topped the ranking for the fifth year in a row based on indicators such as high regional attractiveness as well as proximity to Denmark, which is the happiest land in Europe, the survey found. Germany scored eighth among 30 European nations. Brandenburg was Germany’s saddest state with 6.86 points while Saxon-Anhalt scored 6.83 points. The survey is based on interviews with some 6,000 people.

Honour for Hamburg

The international Lonely Planet travel guide recently ranked Hamburg fourth among the top five “Best in Travel 2018“. The annual guide ranks ten top cities, countries and regions for the coming year. The guide hailed the stunning Elphilharmonie and nightlife among the “Best in Europe”. A recent study by Zalando rated 80 cities in diverse categories such as fashion and urbanity. Hamburg ranked second after Munich among Germany’s most elegant cities. Hamburg ranked 20th on an international scale. The city also scored well in terms of fashion and cleanliness.

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