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nextMedia.Hamburg launches "VR Prototyping Lab"

VR prototyping lab - platform for content companies aiming to shape the future

Hamburg is gearing up for virtual reality with a new VR Prototyping Lab where VR cases for products and services are created in co-operation with students at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and the University of Hamburg, the VR Transfer Center in the M28 creative memory and Bauer Xcel Media, SPIEGEL Verlag and Foodboom. The project gives participating companies an opportunity to experiment with innovative technology, develop new content ideas, build a custom-fit prototype and then test it, according to a press release by nextMedia.Hamburg on Tuesday (August 7, 2018).

Establishment and networking

The VR Prototyping Lab aims to establish innovation-promoting platforms for the Hamburg media and digital location and to help future-orientated, up-and-coming Hamburg media companies with an interest in VR to tap their potential and to network. Its integration in the university environment strengthens the transfer of knowledge in both directions. The project also lowers the hurdles for VR projects and encourages companies to invest more in VR projects and ultimately test monetization opportunities.

Economy and Science

Students in software development and information systems at the University of Hamburg and the design, media and information department at HAW develop testable VR prototypes in just one semester. The certified university project gives them personal contact to well-known companies with vast experience and knowledge. As an official partner of the project, nextReality.Hamburg’s VR experts act as mentors for the students.

Largest VR hub in Europe

At a kick-off barcamp in autumn, students and partner companies will meet for the first time to exchange ideas in media, entertainment, advertising/marketing and games. The goal of the barcamp is to form three permanent student working groups that work continuously on the development of prototypes for their respective partner companies. Apart from support and expert know-how, the hardware is also available in the lab which is located in the VR Transfer Center in the M28 Creative Storage in the Speicherstadt. The building also houses the VR Headquarter and is morphing into Europe’s largest VR hub.

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