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NEXT digital conference points to future trends

Artificial intelligence and the relationship between man and machine top the NEXT agenda - runs parallel to Reeperbahn Festival

Decision-makers in digitalisation are to discuss the consumers of the future at the upcoming NEXT digital conference from September 22-23, 2016 in Hamburg under the motto, “It’s me, your digital ego.” Over 50 keynote speakers from Europe, Asia and the United States are expected to debate topics such as the area between man and machine at venues in an around the Reeperbahn. During the tenth anniversary of the festival this year, the focus will be on how artificial intelligence is gaining ever more ground in our everyday lives.

Matthias Schrader, CEO of SinnerSchrader and founder of NEXT, said: “The digital roadmap for the next ten years will be discussed at NEXT”, adding, “The mixture of different people who are pushing digitalisation ahead from diverse perspectives is an inspiring moment of the NEXT conference. The blend of decision makers, designers and developers is unique in Europe.”

Talks and lessons will focus among others on augmented work and life in a mixed reality, the psychology behind products or designs which customers find irresistible. Virtual reality will be a key theme.

More than 1,300 delegates expected

The festival has four focal themes namely “Behaviour“, “Product Design“, “Platforms”“ and “Artificial Intelligence”. The organizers, SinnerSchrader and FAKTOR 3 agencies are expecting over 1,300 delegates. Schrader noted: “Those expecting a full-day PowerPoint frontal address by suit wearers will not find them at NEXT. Inspiration comes from direct contact with authentic people and common experiences.”

Future issues

This year’s keynote speakers include Nell Watson from the faculty of AI & Robotics at Singularity University in Silicon Valley. Watson, a futurologist, focuses on how robotics and artificial intelligence influence people and shape social developments. International experts such as Claire Burge (This is Productivity), Brian Solis (Futurist & Author), David Mattin (TrendWatching), Golden Krishna (Google) and William Boa Bean (SOSV & Chinaccelerator) will give insight into the most important global trends and developments.The programme also offers diverse keynote speeches, panels, workshops and exhibitions in pubs, bars, club and a recording studio on the Reeperbahn.

Over 700 concerts and cultural events

Volker Martens, one of the organisers of NEXT, said: “We wanted to know what affects digital innovations will have on people’s behaviour and tomorrow’s consumers and thus the relation to companies. How will everyday life be affected, how will purchase decisions be made? We are curious to see what awaits us. And we wish to work on important impulses for adjusting the value chains of companies here,” he added. Martens is also a member of the board at FAKTOR 3 AG.

During the Reeperbahn Festival, which is again a close partner of NEXT, delegates at NEXT can choose from over 700 concerts and cultural events. The NEXT tickets give people access to musical events at Germany’s biggest club festival, which is attended by around 30,000 visitors every year.

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