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New work and new storytelling podcasts proving hits

Podcasters focusing on changing world of work

Podcasts have gone from a niche to trending medium in recent years. Listeners to “Zero Hour – Digital Turning Point” (Stunde Null – Digitale Zeitenwende)“, for instance, are greeted cheerily every week by Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel, Director of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI), Wilbert Hirsch, composer, and Oliver Rößling, founder of Hamburg’s “” sessions. Their hour-long podcast discussion focuses on digitalisation and related themes such as “New work, Co-working & Nomadism”, “Technologies of Today and Tomorrow” to “Digital Detox” issues.

Listening at any time – when jogging or at lunch

According to an online study by ARD/ZDF in 2017, around 26.5 per cent of 14 to 29 year-olds (the digital natives’ generation) and 16.2 per cent of 30 to 49 year-olds now listen to podcasts. The medium’s added value is obvious. Podcasts can be heard anytime and anywhere – on a bike, on the train, out jogging or during a lunch break.

Politics, culture and knowledge

The spectrum ranges from German political issues and foreign affairs in podcasts by Spiegel Online to news and business topics in those of Zeit Online. Nowadays, online media are offering more and more media libraries with audio pieces about politics, culture, knowledge, health and comedy to reach listeners. The rising amount of business related content, frequently from Hamburg, is also noticeable.

25 questions about personal attitudes to job

Every week on “Stunde Null”, the trio of Vöpel, Hirsch and Rößling offers listeners a relaxed mix and serious discussions centring on the transformation of commerce and society. Their podcast is not rehearsed and topics may change spontaneously.

The fixed concept of Zeit Online’s “Frisch an die Arbeit” (Going to Work) podcast features many prominent figures in politics, commerce and science, who answer 25 questions about personal attitudes to their jobs. Every chat is based on a famous questionnaire by the author Max Frisch, who had drawn it up to test himself.

OMR – focus on digital marketing

The internet radio station produces a monthly, hour-long programme about topics in the latest issue of the brand eins business magazine. The subjects vary and can focus on “Marketing for Everyone” to a “Surprise”.

Hamburg’s Online Marketing Rockstars (OMR) are also at the forefront of the podcast trend. Philipp Westermeyer, the founder of the OMR festival, talks about digital marketing with Facebook’s Martin Ott, Managing Director Central Europe, Benjamin Adrion of Viva con Agua, and Ralf Dümmel, one of the investors on VOX TV’s “The Lion’s Den” show for founders.

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