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New Startup Centre at Research Campus

Government, DESY and University establish the ideal startup environment at Research Campus in Hamburg. City invests around 14 million Euros.

A new 4,000-square-metre Startup Centre is being constructed on the Bahrenfeld Research Campus of DESY and the University of Hamburg. To make it easier for new ventures, some of the space will be made available to businesses in the pre-launch phase rent-free for a time, with only utility costs to be paid. The rest of the facility will be rented to young businesses and research projects for low rent. The City of Hamburg is investing 14.2 million Euros in the Startup Centre.

Making use of existing know-how

The Research Campus in Bahrenfeld has developed into one of the world’s leading centres in the field of structural research. This leading-edge expertise in physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine, combined with the technological opportunities presented by new forms of radiation, opens up new horizons for applied research and knowledge transfer. This makes the new Startup Centre, an incubator of ideas, attractive to young companies.

Networking potential

Low rents in the early stages are often a decisive factor in determining the long-term success of startups. Added to this is the great advantage of networking potential when the innovators behind the startups bump into each other in the corridor, on the car park, or gathered round the coffee machine each day. The environment is a natural breeding ground for teamwork and cooperation.

Half of the space allocated for offices

The plans submitted by DESY, as principal of the building project, have been approved by the Altona Borough Council. Around half of the new facility has been allocated for office space, with the rest going to laboratories, conference rooms, a cafeteria, and the Startup Office. The target market encompasses startups and potential startups growing out of DESY and university projects as well as small high-tech companies already in the market.

The Startup Centre will also be available for research facilities and projects from the university and DESY. This principle applies across the board for all facilities at the Bahrenfeld Research Campus. Over the long-term, the new incubator is seen as the basis for a new technology park.

Strategic building blocks

Hamburg’s mayor, Olaf Scholz, explains: “This innovation centre is a further building block in our strategy of developing the Bahrenfeld campus into one of the world’s leading locations for structural research. There can hardly be another location, in Germany or elsewhere, with comparable development dynamics on offer.”

“The unique possibilities offered by the constellation of DESY and the University at the Bahrenfeld Research Campus are attracting outstanding researchers to Hamburg – from all over the world,” says the Science Minister, Senator Dorothee Stapelfeldt. “The aim of the Startup Centre is to generate even more successful business ideas out of Hamburg’s scientific excellence.”

“The new innovation facility will function as the driving force behind the further development of the planned technology park,” adds Senator Frank Horch, Minister for Economic Affairs. “We want to establish a network of research and innovation parks in Hamburg, making application-driven research and development possible for both the commercial and the academic sectors. We aim to promote the transfer of technology and expertise.”

Europe’s innovation capital

The Hamburg Government has set itself the goal of making the city an innovation capital for Europe by enhancing and concentrating the cooperation and collaboration of business, science, and administrative players. The development of R&I Parks (research and innovation) is a central element in this strategy.

Government Press Office

Innovation Alliance Hamburg

The Innovation Alliance Hamburg’s R&I Park Initiative is focussing on three sites during the lifetime of the current parliament: the EnergyCampus of the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in Bergedorf; the InnovationCampus for Green Technologies, adjacent to the Hamburg University of Technology in Harburg; and the new Startup Centre at the Bahrenfeld Research Campus, to form the long-term basis for a technology park in the neighbouring borough of Lurup.

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