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New centre for Hamburg's GreenTech founders

Senate to invest EUR4.45 million in Innovation Campus Green Technologies (ICGT)

The Innovation Campus Green Technologies is to become a breeding ground for innovations resulting from applying inventions and ideas to a market. This centre for founders will be housed in the TuTech Innovation GmbH in the Harburger upriver port. The senate has agreed on a new concept that foresees an investment of EUR4.45 million. And this will now go to the Hamburg Parliament for approval. The ICGT is due to be opened in late 2016.

Professional consultancy

The Startup Dock as well as founders and other start-ups are due to move into the Institute for Entrepreneurship at TUHH. Commenting on the agreement, Katharina Fegebank, Senator for Science, Research and Equality, said: “Pioneering ideas and solutions need space and time to develop. Clever people need likeminded others with whom they can interact. And young start-ups rely on professional consultants and affordable office space.” These objectives can be reached with the Innovation Campus Green Technologies.

Protection from chemicals

The TuTech Innovation GmbH has been looking after start-ups successfully for a long time. Johannes Weber and Matthias Schmittmann, the founders of bentekk GmbH, for instance, have developed intelligent measuring technology for analyzing pollutants locally. The measuring instrument, which was developed mainly in the Institute for Measurement Technology at TUHH, protects workers from chemicals like benzene, low concentrations of which can pose a health hazard. The founders have managed to turn the idea into a product with the sale of the first measuring instrument. The aim is to sell it soon on a supra-regional basis backed by venture capital.

Risky development work

The ICGT’s most important partners include the Institute for Entrepreneurship at TUHH and Startup Dock. Both accompany TUHH graduates along the path from idea to product. Scholarship holders in the EXIST research support programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) will also move into ICGT. It backs outstanding, research-based, start-up plans that involve costlier and riskier development work. So far, all drivers of founders, scholarship holders and the TUHH’s institutes had been spread across Harburg and the university campus.

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