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New BonuScore app for football fans

Vincent Marburger, Co-managing director, talks about why football fascinates and the next business steps

Football is definitely the most popular sport in Germany and Hamburg is no exception as the European Championship 2016 enters the round of 16. Many firms like the Hamburg-based start-up BonuScore are keen to earn cash with their new app. BonuScore sets quizzes for users and entertaintment. Every now and then, users are sent messages about various brands to earn money. Interview wirh Vincent Marburger, Co-managing director BonuScore:

Vincent, was the app first designed to focus entirely on football?

Vincent: Yes, football is very popular in Germany and we feel at ease with that market. The European leagues and international competitions offer plenty to talk about and even when there are no matches on, the transfer period is one of the most exciting times of the year. That means BonuScore is a constant companion throughout the year.

Your app has editorial content including quizzes. Even if short texts can be written quickly, a lot of work still goes into them. Would collaboration with a sports media be useful?

Vincent: At the moment, our team in Hamburg is compiling the app’s content. Our system lets us write news quickly and put in into an interactive format. For us, it’s important to put the content together ourselves, especially in the initial phase, as this gives us an idea of our users. In the medium-term, we hope to collaborate with media partners in sports.

Who could you imagine working with?

Vincent: As a start-up, we like talking to other companies and are always hunting for exciting collaborations. We are interested in partnerships in marketing, content and premiums. We have already had first talks with media and clubs and can offer our partners interactive technology on a mobile channel for a football-mad target group.

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