Achterhaus © arah Hildebrand/Ateliergemeinschaft Achterhaus

Hamburg expands "artist in residence" programme

New option for foreign artist in a former tapestry factory. Start in 2015.

Visual artists from abroad are invited to work on artistic projects in Hamburg from 2015 by invitation of Hamburg institutions, groups and associations in a newly created j“artist in residence” studio at Ruhrstraße 88.

Generous founding

With the new artist in residence programme now launched for Ruhstraße, the Hamburg Ministry of Culture not only offers free accommodation from 1 January 1 to 31 March 2015 in a newly decorated residence apartment, but also a grant of 1,000 euro per month plus a one-time travel allowance of up to 1,000 Euro.

Reborn: a former wall paper factory

Founded in 2013, the “Achterhaus” is located in the former headquarters of a wallpaper factory at Hamburg-Bahrenfeld, an industrial and residential district that increasingly attracts professionals from art and culture. Managed by the Achterhaus association, it comprises not only the “artist in residence” unit, but also 25 work space shared by 34 artists.

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