Cross Innovation Conference © Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft / Selim Sudheimer

Cross innovation marks new approach to promoting innovation

Europe's business promoters meet in Hamburg and lay basis for cross-innovation network

Business developers from all over Europe met at the two-day Cross Innovation Conference (November 29-30, 2018) held by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft to discuss new innovations. Experts at the conference in the Virtual Reality Headquarters in Speicherstadt also laid the basis for a European cross-innovation network.

Promoting co-operation

Creative industries are often at the forefront of developing new solutions amid digital transformation. Delegates at the conference discussed how to promote co-operation between industries and how to tap new potential for innovation. Ideas often result from linking topics or industries that previously seemed remote from each other, according to cross-industry expert Ramon Vullings. Projects from all over Europe were presented in a market place as examples of how creative and other industries collaborate with each other.

“Creativity Boosts” sessions

Silvia Draghi, Policy Officer at the European Commission, spoke about the ability of creative industries to turn new technologies into useful applications. This was impressively demonstrated in “Creativity Boosts” sessions in which artists presented their works. Amy Karle, artist, designer and futurist showed how she fuses digital, physical and biological systems. Erik Kessels, Managing Director of KesselsKramer advertising agency, demonstrated how radical changes of perspective can effectuate new ideas and send messages.

Sustainable network

Egbert Rühl, Managing Director of Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, and Jenny Kornmacher, Project Manager of the Cross Innovation Hub, also presented ideas for establishing a sustainable network to promote cross innovation. The first partners are already on board and concrete steps towards the network will be taken in 2019.

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