Daniel Barke (links) und Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig (rechts) © MylittleJob GmbH

Mylittlejob start-up: students work for companies

With an unparalleled algorithm, Daniel Barke und Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig find the right student worker for enterprises all over the world.

They do translations, research, data maintenance, or other project tasks. Already 600 companies – including Bertelsmann AG and the Otto Group– have been using the services of the Hamburg start-up “Mylittlejob”.

Fast job placements

“Within seconds”, the specially programmed algorithm will find the right match, i.e. suitable and qualified students for the task. Then, the twelve members of the team founded Daniel Barke (24) und Marlon Litz-Rosenzweig (23) will establish the contract with the company.

Crowd sourcing from Hamburg

While still studying, the two Hamburg locals came across this unparalleled business idea and founded Mylittlejob GmbH in 2011. Today, nearly 24,000 students from 65 countries are registered as helper with their company. Meanwhile, they also offer project management for larger projects – academic crowd sourcing from the Hanseatic city.

Various tasks

Students they contracted have already done online jobs for international law firms, real estate agencies, publishers, marketing agencies, SEO agencies, tour operators, research institutes, and webmasters. They were involved, among other, in legal research, data collection, drawing floor plans, building content, analyses, market research, graphic design, programming or formatting.

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