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Hamburg Wants More Female Founders

Organisations and events support women in starting their own business. Startup Weekend Women next weekend

On 10-12 April 2015, the “Gründerwerft” (Founders’ Wharf) in Hamburg will be hosting the city’s first startup weekend for women. For three days, the event will be inviting female founders to present their ideas and pitch for their projects.

Male Founders Still Dominant

Presenting company profiles and statistics, the monitor by Hamburg Startups provides details insight into Hamburg’s start-up scene. When taking a closer look at gender, a difference becomes quite obvious: most founders are male. Only eleven per cent of the 567 entrepreneurs registered in the database are women. The Startup Weekend Women strive to change the gender inequality.

Organisations And Initiative Represent Femals Interests In Male Industries

The startup weekend is not the only attempt to make women venture into self-employment. The registered association Digital Media Women e.V. promotes female competences in media and IT. Women interested in technology are brought together by Geekettes. Active in seven cities of the world, the network regularly hosts related events. Hamburg “Frauenwirtschaftszentrum” (Female Business Centre) also focusses its activities on the promotion of female founders and entrepreneurs. Last but not least, the networking evenings by Hamburg Startups are suitable for founders of both sexes. Basic information is provided by the lecture series and the offers of Betahauses and Kreativgesellschaft Hamburg.

Gender Equality In Focus

Next to networking, contests and awards contribute to the efforts in rising the numbers of female founders. The IDEE Founders’n Prize for Women by Darboven annually honours the excellence of female entrepreneurs. The long-term vision: to make it as easy for women as for men to start self-employment, and to reach full gender equality also in the startup scene.

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