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Mehr! Theater is the 70th supporter of "Kulturschlüssel Hamburg". Free tickets for people with disabilities

In Article 30, the UN Convention demands for people with disabilities full participation in cultural life. The newly opened Mehr!Theater at Hamburg’s former wholesale market and the “Kulturschlüssel Hamburg” (Culture Key Hamburg) thus agreed to co-operate in order to enable people with disabilities to enjoy even more the cultural life of Hamburg, with the privately-run theatre will be giving free tickets to people with disabilities. Mehr! Theater is the 70th co-operation partner of Kulturschlüssel Hamburg.

Social Commitment is Important!

Often, people with disabilities only have enough money for the basic needs of life and cannot afford a visit to the theatre or concert. Launched in 2009, the ticket donations by Hamburg’s cultural institution have made it possible for many locals with disabilities to still enjoy a show. In total, 3,400 have been handed out for free in the past six years. Nathalie Heinrich, director of the Mehr! Theater: “Even as a private theatre, community involvement is important to us. A disability should not be an exclusion criterion for a cultural visit. The Kulturschlüssel hamburg is an award-winning project bringing together people with and without disabilities, and there is no better place for this than a theatre. We thus support the Kulturschlüssel Hamburg with all our heart.”

Great Choices for People with Handicap

Even Frank Nestler, project manager of Hamburg’s Kulturschlüssel, also welcomes the new co-operation: “We are delighted that we could win our 70th donour of culture. The willingness of Hamburg’s cultural sector to donate free tickets is overwhelming. With Mehr!Theater, we now also have the popular genre of “Musical” more frequently on offer. “

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