Mix the City - cult music video at filmfestival

How does a city sound and what does Hamburg sound like? The Israeli video artist, composer and jazz musician, Kutiman, has captured the sounds of the Hanseatic city in his latest, interactive music and film project called Mix the City Hamburg.

The clip, produced by Letterbox Produktion in co-operation with the British Council and Hamburg Marketing GmbH, premiered at the Hamburg Film Festival where the artist was also present. The clip went online simultaneously and had reached 200,000 people within 12 hours via Facebook and YouTube.

Mashup artists

Michael Otremba, Managing Director of Hamburg Marketing GmbH, said: “The video’s mix of footage and music in the city create a likeable and unusual picture of Hamburg which is ideal for spreading on our social media channels on those of our partners. Kutiman’s view is totally unprejudiced. This international artist uses music to create an emotional link between buildings like the Elbphilharmonie and the old Elbe tunnel, shipping containers and music artists in the city.” Kutima is best known for his online music video project, ThruYOU, a self-titled album, and the ongoing series “Thru the City” in which he has already captured the sounds of Tel Aviv, Istanbul, New York and Tokyo.

Individual videos

Mix the City Hamburg can now be found on the Hamburg Ahoi Facebook’s page ( and on Twelve more windows are available there as well with trailers of the film. The platform allows users all over the world to mix their own, individual music video of Hamburg and to share it there. The co-operating partners are Radio Hamburg,, Hamburg Tourismus, Hamburg Convention Bureau and Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Musicians and artists in Mix the City Hamburg

The musicians and artists in Mix the City Hamburg include Anne de Wolff, (multi-instrumentalist with Revolverheld, BAP among others), Taco van Hettinga (keyboarder with Fettes Brot, Boy), Sareom Park (cellist Ensemble Resonanz), the techno brass band Meute, Lebo Masemola (singer with Sister Gwen), Christian von Richthofen (percussionist with Auto, Auto), Angelika Bachmann (violinist with the Salut Salon ensemble), Elbtonal Percussion, Hervé Jeanne (bassist, formerly with the Roger Cicero band), the DamenLikörChor, Manuel Gera (Director of Music, St. Michael’s Church) , Oded Kafri (drummer with Drum the world) and special guest May Roosevelt am Theremin.

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