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New edition of Unified by nextMedia.Hamburg focuses on content accountability

Media credibility is a big issue presently and social media across Germany are debating the media and their tasks. nextMedia.Hamburg has talked to experts in journalism, science, content marketing and photography for the latest issue of its digital magazine Unified.

Widespread accusation of lying press

Christian Stöcker, Professor of Digital Communication at the University of Applied Sciences (HAW) Hamburg, said: “At the moment, we are seeing very clearly that public discourse is changing massively. Discussions are being held in an unprecedented way.” The debate about lying press indicates this tendency. A survey conducted by Statista on behalf of next.Media found that 23 per cent of Germans do not believe media lie consciously. However, 62 per cent believe the accusation is partially correct and 14 per are firmly convinced of its accuracy.

Transparency more important

Companies in the digital era must enhance their profiles on company web pages, social media channels or by putting content on other web pages. Kerstin Timm, Head of Content Marketing and Blogger Relations at artaxo GmbH, wrote in guest contribution for Unified: “If your company wants to be taken seriously, the information supplied on the internet must be complete and accurate. Accuracy refers to content, orthography and grammar. And the disclaimer must be easily found on the contact page. There is nothing worse than wondering what kind of firm is behind the page.”

Editors and picture editors CommNet

Annette Leiterer, Managing Editor of NDR’s ZAPP television programme on media, and Steffen Burkhardt, Professor at HAW also comments in Unified as well as Johannes Arlt, a photographer who is a member of the board at FREELENS, the largest association of freelance photographers.

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