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Live streaming gets gaming element

Hamburg start-up Rocket Beans TV uses potential of online television. Viewers take part also

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The future of moving images is set to take centre stage at the newTV Kongress on March 2 in Hamburg. Arno Heinisch, co-founder and managing director of Rocket Beans TV, is one of the invited speakers, and will explain their idea of 24 hour live streaming and recorded entertainment pieces related to the games sector. Rocket Beans TV ist availalbe on Twitch. Additional formats can be called up on YouTube and from the media library on the broadcaster’s internet page.

Non-stop transmission

Rocket Beans was founded by Daniel Budiman, Nils Bomhoff, Etienne Gardé and Simon Krätschmer, who formerly presented “Game One” on MTV. In 2011, the team decided to set up their own YouTube channel called Rocket Beans TV. The 24/7 live streaming channel went on air via Twitch in early 2015.

Interactive live formats

Rocket Beans TV programmes include live formats such as chat duels. Two teams have to guess the audience’s answers to the presenter’s questions. During a pen and paper game, the founders compete live against each other in a computer game. The audience votes online which turn the programme will take. Apart from interactive games, Rocket Beans also offers talks and news such as RBTV News daily entertainment reports.


Rocket Beans TV says it has more than 200,000 followers and around 35,000,000 total views and thus counts among the biggest German channels on Twitch. Around 260,000 users have subscriptions to it on YouTube. Since August 2015, Rocket Beans TV has been broadcasting some programmes on regional TV.

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About newTV Kongress

The newTV congress has been held since 2009. newTV:Hamburg organizes the event at the new location initiative nextMedia.Hamburg for media and the digital economy. The event gives international experts an opportunity meet leading German TV channels to discuss interactive formats and changing media usage. It is geared towards all market participants whose work focuses on digital moving images.

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