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Hamburg-based Limberry start-up heading for over 1 million in turnover

Limberry's dirndl fashion all the rage in run-up to Oktoberfest

The Hamburg-based Limberry start-up that sells fashionable dirndl is set to earn over 1 million in turnover in the run-up to Munich’s Oktoberfest (September 16 to October 03, 2017). The festival regularly marks the start of similar beer festivals across Germany. Last year, Kawala-Bulas ventured into “The Lion’s Den” VOX TV show for start-ups in the hope of a cash injection. The “lions” praised her elegant dirndl and designer costume fashion. Two investors Carsten Maschmeyer and Judith Williams offered her EUR 125,000 each for a total 20 per cent of the company shares. Kawala-Bulas had gone on the show seeking an investment of EUR 150,000 and was delighted to accept their offers. The cash injection came at just the right time.

Collaborations with fashion bloggers

During last Tuesday’s episode of the show, Kawala-Bulas told VOX TV about her corporate adventures in the meantime, saying: “Appearing on ‘The Lion’s Den’ was the best thing to happen to me.” Thanks to the “lions”, she has gained a footing on the tough dirndl fashion market and has sold 5,000 dresses. And she has also launched the new “Miss Limberry” collection in the lower price segment and is also selling lederhosen online as well. Focused collaborations with fashion bloggers have help make her brand better known, she told VOX TV.

Silk pinafores and lace all the rage

Business is booming just days before the Oktoberfest. And Kawala-Bulas hopes to spark plenty of attention in Munich’s Wiesn with her vibrant fashion. “This year, pastel shades and strong colours are popular. Silk pinafores, lace as well as deer patterns have become trademarks of Limberry dirndl,” said the expert.

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