Airport ServiceBot hebt leise ab © Hamburg Airport

Launch for airport service bot

Hamburg Airport tries out chatbot - answers queries in minutes

Hamburg Airport began testing service bots or chatbots on February 28th to coincide with Social Media Week after a one-year development phase, said Torben Tost, Digital Communications & Marketing Manager at Hamburg Airport. Passengers and guests at the airport are invited to test the chatbots and give feedback.

Chatbots – the latest apps?

Chatbots are computer programmes that simulate conversations via the internet such as the Facebook messenger programme and are now being hailed as the new apps and the next big thing. Contact with customers is fast and simple and Hamburg Airport’s chatbot answers up to 150 queries in German and English. Tost noted: “Over 90 per cent of questions are about departures and arrivals and is likely to be the main service.”

Well-designed chatbots

The poncho weather bot, NDR’s Novi news bot, eBay’s ShopBot or chad that gives people a chance to test-drive Opel’s vehicles are examples of successful bots. Experts advise companies to design custom-made chatbots to be successful and meet with user appeal.

Helpful experiences with social media community

Hamburg Airport has plenty of experience with social media and has being using Twitter since 2009, Facebook since 2010, YouTube and Instagram since 2012 and Snapchat since April 2016.

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