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Leuphana University to Host Startup Festival 2015

To promote entrepreneurship, Leuphana teamed up with the University of East London and Florida State University to host an international start-up festival

The past decades have borne witness to a rapid increase in the offerings of entrepreneurship education worldwide. There is an explicit political agenda both at the national and at global level to promote entrepreneurship education throughout the entire educational system. It is expected that entrepreneurial skills will be the key to enhancing an innovative culture, which in turn will result in higher competitiveness and economic growth.

Promoting Entrepreneurship

To promote entrepreneurship as a fun and worthwhile skills package that can change the lives of many, Leuphana University Lüneburg teamed up with two like-minded universities i.e. the University of East London and the Florida State University, and developed the idea of an International StartUp-Festival. Embedded into the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 celebrated 16 – 22 November 2015 around the globe, Leuphana University will be hosting events on three days.

Social Challenge, Panel Discussion, and World Record Attempt

On 16 November, “an idea will go around the world, with one social challenge being tackled by 12 Universities in 12 different time zones. The solution will be developing around the world. Two days later, six entrepreneurs from Germany, the UK and the USA wll be talking about their experiences in the business world. The highlight of 20 November will be the attempt of a world record, with the world’s largest intercultural StartUp simulation game being played for three hours to make it a world record online event.

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