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Startup Event "Late Shift" (Spätschicht) in Hamburg

Aspiring founders of new enterprises are invited to joined a new dedicated event on 10 September 2015

On 10 September 2015, the “Spätschicht” (Late Shift) startup event will be taking place in Hamburg. The event is regarded as the most important startup event by industry insiders. Launched by the online magazine “Gründerszene”, it brings together startup, business angels, founders, investors, and VCs in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. The Hamburg startups initiative talked to Mark Hoffmann, CEO Gründerszene, on the event.

Hamburg’s Handshake Tradition

“Since everyone has to apply for participation, we are able to ensure a balanced mix of founders, C-levels, and investors, and thus to determine the quality of the evening. Because you will cheerfully return to your home only if you have made good contacts”, emphasised Hoffmann in the interview. When asked on unique features of Hamburg’s startup scene, he said: .. I feel that tradition of fixing a business with a handshake, and talking things over in a casual atmosphere has also become a typical feature of Hamburg’s startup scene. If a deal is being discussed while having a beer, it is closed and will take place, a fact I truly appreciate of Hamburg’s startup scene.”

Up to 400 Participants

Launched in Berlin in 2011, the series of events has also been held in Munich, Hamburg, and Cologne since 2014. At the so-called Late Shift, 150 to 400 participants are invited to meet, network, discuss chances and challenges, pitch in front of investors, or explain their business model to editors. To attend the events, participants have to register in advance.

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