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Kitchennerds: Rent-a-Cook made in Hamburg

Cooking is the hot topic of the millennium. Sandra Roggow's platform Kitchennerds brings together professional chefs with food lovers

After having worked in marketing and hosted various cooking classes, the young Hamburg entrepreneur had a vision: to brings together professional chefs with food lovers. Last September, she thus launched “Kitchennerds” and presented her new online platform successfully at Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival.

Fierce Competition

Sandra Roggow’s “Kitchennerds” is not the first one to offer chef-on-demand services in Hamburg. In spring 2015, France’s market leader “La Belle Assiette” chose the Hanseatic city to conquer the German market. However, concepts slightly various. Even though both offer culinary services by private chefs at home or functions, Kitchennerds places more emphasis on the interaction of guests and chefs, and thus also invites users to book cooking classes through its platform. Search criteria are not limited to food styles and cuisines from vegan to Asian, but also include the search for special meals or children food.

Small, but growing

Today, 19 chefs have been tested and listed on Kitchennerds. They are not all professional chefs, but also enthusiastic amateur cooks. Currently, services are still limited to Hamburg, but the platform’s expansion to other cities is envisaged.

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