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Keeeb To Receive Funding From Hamburg's Innovation Starter Fund

Business research solution from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region with international success: New tool from developers in Hamburg and Lübeck organises web clippings from any browser

Web clipping services are increasingly popular. With Keeeb, developers from Hamburg and Lübeck created a new clipboard service that allows to “keeep” and and sort all kind of media, including text, photos, and videos. With Keeep Unity, they now have taken their initial business idea to a new level.

New Standard Of Business Research

Keeeb Unity is the business solution of Keeen. The subscription-based software eliminates redundant business research, reduces costs, and increases productivity. Key objective of the intelligence software is to collect, organise, and share of proprietary information. Keeeb runs in all modern browsers and doesn’t require additional software.

The software can collect, combine, and save images, text and videos on any topic. For enhanced collaboration among colleagues, the information gathered can be grouped into subject areas and shared efficiently by implementing it into Microsoft Office documents or emails.

The company’s goal is to reduce the time, which often arises for lengthy research. In addition, a possible duplicate research can be counteracted. All employees can simultaneously access the information and see what credentials have been researched. The database thus constructed is permanent, an the information collected by any employee who has already left the company, is still present.

International Success Can Be Further Expanded

Founded in Hamburg in 2011, Keeeb today operates branches in Lübeck and Silicon Valley next to its Hamburg home. According to Keeeb, successful companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, IBM, and Swatch are using Keeeb’s software of the hamburger. The current funding by Hamburg’s Innovation Fund provides the start-up with funds for future development.

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On the Innovation Starter Fund

The Innovationsstarters Fonds (Innovation Starter Fund) provides risk capital for young Hamburg companies in order to strengthen their research, development and innovation activities. Support is realised through equity interest up to 0.5million euro per financing round (total maximum: 1 million euro) or shareholder loans. Companies must bring in ten per cent own contributions. The Innovation Starter Fund funds young small capital companies with less than 50 employees that are located in Hamburg and have a technologically innovative business plan. The support has no specific focus on sectors.

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