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Keeeb banking on artificial intelligence in search for information

Hamburg-based tech start-up’s B2B solution aiming for faster and more efficient data searches

Business leaders regard artificial intelligence (AI) as an essential building block for the future with 72 per cent seeing the move to AI as a key advantage needed for success in business, a recent study by the auditing and business consultancy PwC on the theme of “Artificial Intelligence as Innovation Accelerator in Companies” has found. Yet, only 15 per cent of companies make use of AI, while a further 31 per cent are planning to do so over the next 12 months. The Hamburg-based startup Keeeb has spotted the trend: This young company is developing a business research solution using AI that combines classical data search with in-house company expertise that has already been researched.

Information instead of authoritative knowledge

In the wake of the flood of online information, Keeeb is catering to companies that wish to optimise and accelerate their research process by means of intelligent management of knowledge and information. A Google search shows the results from internal data systems (documents, images etc.) simultaneously by means of a browser extension. In addition, the AI Cortex currently under development will be able to discover on the basis of user behaviour what is in fact being searched for, to avoid having thousands of search results obscuring the relevant results. All of this content can be saved, ordered and shared. Keeeb’s stated aim: Information will no longer be stored in the minds of the staff, but be available to everyone and at any time.

Keeeb Discovery for Enterprise – How it works! – keeeb

AI promotes networking and co-operation

Founded by Konrad Gulla in 2013, Keeeb Deutschland GmbH currently employs 20 staff. The team has recently enjoyed the support of IT expert Zijad Kurtanović, who has been tasked with pushing the development of Keeeb-KI Cortex. In 2015, the start-up received funding from the Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg.

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