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International Queer Film Festival inaugurated

First Mayor Olaf Scholz demands more tolerance in his opening address at Kampnagel. 150 films on show at locations as diverse as the spectrum of the programme.

The start of the 25th Lesbian Gay Film Festival Hamburg | International Queer Film Festival saw a premiere, with First Mayor Olaf Scholz holding the opening address. In his speech, Scholz praised the commitment of the lesbian and gay movement, which has achieved a lot.

Demanding tolerance and acceptance

However, he critisised: “More visibility is onlythe case on one side – acceptance is unfortunately still far from self-evident.” And explained: “In certain conservative milieus, there is such a strange up-here-and-not-further-liberalism. The achieved progress by parliaments or judicial decisions progress is not questioned. But has not yet arrived in the hearts and the thinking of certain groups of population. That’s not good”, Scholz stated. It is not good that “gay” is still an insult, present in everyday life in the school yard -which is a fatal signal for all young people in the midst of their sexual identity. “Rethinking takes time. The political claim of the Lesbian Gay Film Festival remains a matter of date, and the artistic claim anyway”, Scholz said.

Oldest and largest queer film festival

The Lesbian Gay Film Festival Hamburg is Germany’s oldest and largest film festival. Launched 21 years ago, it developed into the city’s second-largest film y. The festival features mostly new productions from all over the world. It represents the bandwidth of queer filmmaking and aspires to be a forum for socially engaged, debatable and challenging film culture. At six nights, 150 films and documentaries, some of them world or European premieres, will be shown in venues all over the city, ranging from Kampnagel to Passage Kino and Rote Flora. The festival attracts more than 15,000 visitors.

Seven film awards

Seven film prizes with a total prize money of 10,000 euro are being granted by an expert jury awards to outstanding cineastic works. Next to the jury’s prize, the German Queer Film Award endowed with 5,000 euro, audience awards for the best short films (lesbian, gay, gender bender are granted. Also, the best documentary and best narrative film are honoured. These five awards are all endowed with 1,000 euro. Furthermore, the competition “Made in Germany” promotes young German production with a film-related prize. In this year’s jury competition these films will compete: 52 Tuesdays, Ang Huling cha-cha ni Anita (Anita’s Last Cha-Cha), Appropriate Behavior, Día Trajo la oscuridad, El (Darkness By Day), Drunktown’s Finest, Last Summer, Lilting, My Prairie Home, Nanting maste ga söder (Something must Break) Tercero, El (The Third), and Xenia.

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