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Elphilharmonie-shaped ice pops now on sale

Pure ice pops proving summer craze - Elbphilharmonie-shape most challenging

Music lovers in Hamburg can now try tasty strawberry or passion fruit ice pops shaped like the Elbphilharmonie and during” free live broadcasts of jazz, world music and classical concerts in the Grand Hall from August 27–31, 2017. A start-up named Puro Ice Pops, founded by Gerrit Jakobs and Stefan Kramer, has come up with the fun ice pop craze.

Hit gin and tonic and Moscow mule ice-pops

Funky ice cream flavours such as Matcha tea and coconut or avocado and lime have been on their menus since 2015. The bright vegan treats contain pure fruit and are free of gluten and lactose. Handmade in Hamburg-Norderstedt, the Puro Ice Pops and especially the gin and tonic and Moscow Mule alcohol flavours have proven popular this summer. “They are big hits again and again at corporate events”, said Jakobs, who used to work for an insurer. Kramer is an industrial engineer by profession and continues to work mainly on wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas. But their Puro Ice Pops already have a steady fan base in the events sector and among retailers. Branches of Edeka from Sylt to Luneburg sell the ice pops, which are also on sale in select Rewe supermarkets and FrischeParadies delicatessen stores across Germany.

Most elaborate ice cream

Despite their experiments with unusual ice cream flavours including mulled wine ice pops, the Elphi ice pop proved taxing. “Late last year, we had an enquiry from the Elbphiharmonie and we presented our prototype in March,” said Jakobs. At the time, they were still carving the Elbphilharmonie’s characteristic prongs out of the ice cream by hand. But they faced the question of how to mass-produce the ice pops. “After a few misses, we eventually developed a cutter with machine and metal workers.” The company produced 5,000 ice pops for the Elbphilharmonie Summer in that way. “The project is prestigious and by far the most elaborate ice cream that we have produced so far,” Jakobs added.

Expanding production

“The Elphi ice cream has allowed us to expand production significantly,” said Jakobs. The company had done individual orders before and the technology behind the new cutter will allow them to develop more unusual shapes in addition to funky flavours. “We literally have taken individualisation to extremes,” said the 38-year-old.

Plans for winter special

The “Elphi ice pop” will be on sale during the Hamburg Cruise Days from September 8-10, 2017 for the last time this summer. Talks on repeat events are underway. Although the ice cream season is nearing the end, production in Norderstedt has not come to a standstill. “We will launch an apple-cinnamon ice pop on the market this winter,” Jakobs announced. And the duo also wants to present their alcohol-laden ice pops at Christmas parties in companies across Hamburg. But for the moment, they are pursuing sporting passions like football where they met and hit on the idea for the ice pops when training for a triathlon.

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