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Christmas present hits 2016

DIY beer brewing sets, unicorn-themed slippers - gives tips for Christmas gifts

Christmas online trade is booming and Germans are spending a good EUR 6 billion more on the internet compared to 2015. The volume of online trade has doubled in six years, according to the German Trade Association. The online platform is gathering ideas from internet blogs, designer markets, social media and everyday life to make shopping exciting. Founders Sabrina O. Beck and York N. Fischer have drawn up a list of “Hit Presents 2016” based on experience and events like e.g. new cinema releases.

3D smartphone glasses

DIY beer-brewing sets and distillation systems are topping men’s wish lists, according to Beck and Fischer. Assembly kits with engines and synthesisers stashed under the Christmas tree are likely to please craftsmen. Gadgets such as 3D smartphone glasses are also popular and plunge wearers into a type of virtual reality art. Women, on the other hand, prefer Christmas gifts such as personalised glass jars for sweets or tea. Decorative lamps with a statement or table fires for winter are trending this years.

Instant picture cameras making comeback

Young boys like learning playfully and small robots that they can programme themselves or soldering kits for making retro-style radios are trending. Girls are going for anthing with a unicorn theme – from slippers to lamps with unicorns. And the almost forgotten instant picture cameras are making a comeback this year in hot pink.

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