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Head to Lisbon Web Summit with Hamburg Invest’s Startup Unit

Hamburg Invest's Startup Unit to help five Hamburg-based start-ups attend summit

Hamburg Invest’s Startup Unit is subsidizing the participation of five Hamburg-based start-ups at the “Web Summit” tech conference underway in Lisbon from November 5-8, 2018. Internet technology has become inconceivable without the “Web Summit”, which this year is expecting 70,000 plus participants from more than 170 countries. The range is extremely broad as a result of the 25 integrated conferences. Some 250 speakers will elucidate themes such as design, content and health, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Eugen Gross, founder of, took part in the 2017 “Web Summit” backed by the City of Hamburg, and said: “Direct contact with customers at the Web Summit allowed us to sharpen our product profile and boosted us in pursuing our vision. It was a great opportunity to meet companies, investors and like-minded people, and we are looking forward to being there once again in 2018.”

Opportunity to participate

Start-ups that want to join this year’s “Web Summit” should apply to Hamburg Invest’s Startup unit. The start-up should outline briefly its reasons for participating in the summit (maximum 600 characters to The deadline for applications is Sunday, 9 September 2018. The five best applications arriving before the deadline will be selected. Assessment will be on the basis of the following criteria: Maturity and scalability of the business plan, as well as the (envisaged) plans for internationalization. The five start-ups selected will be informed by email by Friday, September 28 at the latest.

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*The subsidy totals a co-operation contribution of up to EUR 1,200 euros per start-up. The funds may only be used for the conference ticket, travel costs and accommodation. Evidence of the expenditure must be submitted to Hamburg Invest’s Startup Unit; otherwise any claim on the cooperation contribution will be void. Participants must arrange reservation and travel themselves. The Hamburg Invest Startup Unit will provide support in match-making beforehand and at the event.

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