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Hanse Ventures launches "KitchenAdvisor" platform

Hanse Ventures and former Kiveda managers aim to give consumers clearer idea of costs

Hanse Ventures, a Hamburg-based company builder, and two former Kiveda managers are launching the KitchenAdvisor website, a press release said Wednesday. The new website lets consumers compare fitted kitchen providers in a region. Hanse Ventures develops internet and mobile business concepts and implements them with teams of founders while Kiveda allows customers to plan kitchens individually. Hanse Ventures also has shares in Hausgold, a company that puts would-be property vendors in contact with estate agents, the gift website and, a website that gives an overview of care services for the elderly.

Over 6,000 kitchen studios on market

Consumers often have problems overviewing the cost of kitchens on the market and this is where KitchenAdvisor see its niche. After filling out a questionnaire about their wishlist, customers get an estimate of their new kitchen per telephone. The customer can also compare the plans and conditions offered by various, local kitchen dealers. The final details are settled locally with the provider before ordering. Customers do not have to pay for the service as KitchenAdvisor earns a commission for every successful transaction. The chances of success are high as there over 6,000 kitchen studios on the market.

Strong investor network and professional support

Hanse Ventures has brought experts David Striegnitz and Richard Ruben, both former Kiveda managers aboard. Jochen Maaß, founder and CEO of Hanse Ventures, said: “We are delighted to have gained David und Richard, who are both experienced professionals for this project. Together, they bring along over ten years of experience in the furniture sector and have demonstrated their entrepreneurial spirit in previous company foundings.” Ruben, who has already helped found many companies, added: “We value Hanse Ventures as a partner for founding companies. The strong investors’ network and the professional, expert support will help us to scale the business quickly.”

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