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Handbags With A Social Impact

The Hamburg Start-Up beliya is passionate about design. And passionate about practical development aid

“Good Couture” is the claim of beliya, a fashion company with a high CSR based in Hamburg. All products by the two Hamburg founders from key chains to bags are being produced sustainably and help to improve life in poorer countries. Buying a bag, for instance, enable a child to attend school in Africa, with the name of the child benefitting from the help featured on it. In addition, customer can view and contact “their” child at the the site “”: beliya co-operates with four African partner schools. Especially now, in the Christmas season, their business model of doing something good with and after the purchase is well received by many customers.

Material from Surplus Stock from Famous Designers

The two female founders Andrea Noelle (36) and Annika Busse (35) have all products made by hand. Most of the material used is surplus stock from famous designers. “All our products are manufactured directly with these companies in Italy and Hungary. We pay strict attention to the production and regularly control is ourselves”, Annika Busse explains in an interview with Hamburg News.” With product names such as “Hope” and “Love”, the intention of the label is expressed at first glance. As the majority of proceeeds is transferred straight to the chilren in Africa, each bag sold improves their education and future. In 2013, beliya was honoured with Hamburg’s marketing distinction HAMMA Award in the category creative social marketing.

To Return Something To Society

Following their high school graduation, Annika Busse and Andrea Nolle started studies in business administration and political sciences, and wrote their doctoral thesis on micro credits. Having worked for large companies such as Jil Sander and Mulberry, they decided tor return something to society by starting beliya.

500 Pupils Supported At Four Schools

Since its launch two years ago, the two founders have been working in a crowd working space for social startups and projects with other freelancers, interns, and one fully-employed staff. With the success, they more to larger premises in Hamburg’s trendy Neustadt, where a showroom complement the office space. There, bags are sold directly. In addition, they can be bought at selected stores in Hamburg, Oldenburg, and Berlin.

Approval for their business idea is growing each day. Busse: “Meanwhile, we are able to support more than 500 children at four schools.” To finance the urgently needed modernisation of a school in Rehoboth, Namibia, crowfunding has been launched at

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