Hammerbrooklyn Digital Campus © Hammerbrooklyn

Hammerbrooklyn Digital Campus gathering speed

Construction on schedule, ideas pitch started and new management from October

Steel parts of the magnificent U.S. pavilion at the Expo 2015 in Milan are currently being reassembled in Hamburg behind the Deichtorhallen overlooking Oberhafen and HafenCity to become the spectacular 105 metres x 15 metres Hammerbrooklyn – City of the Future. The build worth USD 200 million is likely to gather speed from October 1, 2019, according to Mathias Müller-Using and Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel in an interview with Hamburg News. Hammebrooklyn is set to become a flagship of the new world and a driver of regional innovation.

Indoor stop for autonomous e-buses

Work and networking are already underway in the temporary green “Hammerbrooklyn Box”, which will be the venue of the first events and networking sessions from autumn. The opening of the five-storey pavilion at the “heart of the DigitalCampus”, which will host workshops, symposia, congresses and various events on digital transformation is scheduled for May 2020. During our visit, the drivers of a Porsche and a VW are arguing over a parking space. Such rows are likely to become a thing of the past soon. Plans are being laid for an e-scooter and city-bike stop outside and an indoor stop for self-propelled trolley buses*, said Mueller-Using, who has been initiated Hammerbrooklyn together with Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel, Managing Director Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) and Prof. Dr. Björn Bloching, an expert on digitalisaton. Hammerbrooklyn is a mere ten-minute walk from Hamburg’s main railway station.

Hammerbrooklyn Digital Campus
Hammerbrooklyn Digital Campus © Hammerbrooklyn

Experimental laboratory for futurists

Smart City, smart mobility, logistics and eHealth will be focal points at the digital campus, which is open to all industries, and will be a flagship for a new world that is not yet fully understood. Openness is the prerequisite for cross-innovation. Thus, Hammerbrooklyn has been designed as a laboratory for futurists, visionaries and lateral thinkers. “We want to build bridges between business and science, established companies and start-ups, politics and society, Hamburg and the world, and between the present and the future,” said Vöpel.

Becoming a citizen of Hammerbrooklyn

Digitisation, innovation, environment-friendly and sustainable urban development go hand in hand, said the founders. “All residents, experts, companies, universities and public institutions are invited to participate and become citizens of Hammerbrooklyn,” according to the website. Those interested can register now. Companies across all industries, organisations, start-ups and other bright minds from all over the world will soon be able to experiment, learn and create and implement innovations together in the spectacular building. “We want to use digital change to find answers to tomorrow’s questions and to create a positive and sustainable future for the city, economy and society,” said Vöpel.

Dr. Nora Cavara
Dr. Nora Cavara © Hammerbrooklyn Stiftung

Managing Director aboard from October

The neuroscientist Dr. Nora Cavara, 37, will become Managing Director of Stiftung Hammmebrooklyn which will bundle activities from October. Cavara was previously Director of Business Development & Project Management for Evonik in Canada with responsibility for new business and integrating start-ups into corporate culture. A native of Essen, Cavara also worked for a group of companies there and as a strategy consultant at Roland Berger. Cavara completed her Masters in biochemistry at the Ruhr University in Bochum.

Five-storey digital laboratory

Cavara will forge collaborations with companies and Hamburg’s start-up ecosystem, design the citizenship programmes and take over the programmatic design of the digital pavilion. “The foundation allows us to take an entirely new approach to exploiting the potential of digitisation for Hamburg. Together, we want to ensure that the entire city – businesses, citizens, communities – can exploit this potential,” she noted.

Ideas competition started

The Digital Pavilion marks only the start and will be followed by a 9,000-square metre “Solutions Building” in stacked timber. Another 50,000 square metres will be added from 2025. An international tender for architectural ideas has been launched for this purpose.

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