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Hamburg's "Wunder" app taking Asia's big cities by storm

60 employees from 30 countries in HafenCity working on ways to easy gridlock in big cities

The “Wunder app” by the Hamburg-based WunderCar Mobility Solutions GmbH is proving a big hit abroad, Grunderszene reported in July. The start-up helps users find private car rides to work or home. The driver and passengers share the costs. Unlike professional drivers, the carpool drivers do not earn a profit. They share up to two rides a day and accept a convenient detour in exchange for sharing the costs of the trip with their passengers. Costs are driven down for both passengers and drivers and the vehicle is used more efficiently. However, the service breaches the German Public Transport Act and is banned in Germany.

Focus on big cities in emerging markets

In Asia, the “Wunder” app has already provided over 1 million rides in large cities in the Philippines, India and Malaysia, the company said. The app will be available in big cities in emerging markets by late 2018, Gunnar Froh, founder of Wunder and former head of Airbnb-Germany told “ Gruenderszene in an interview. Apart from easing traffic and improving air quality, Froh hopes that the high population density in big Asian cities will lead to far more transactions and allow the start-up to upgrade its technology quickly.

Double-digit million investment

The start-up recently secured a double-digit million investment from Blumberg, Cherry and Sixt and a new billion funds investor from London, Gruenderszene reported. Founded in 2013, Wunder employs 60 staff from 30 countries at its headquarters in HafenCity. The communication works best there, according to Froh. Plans for a second branch will be laid, if growth continues, he added.

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