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Hamburg's Viewlicity helps golfers perfect their game

"PuttView" wins Auggie Award at Augmented World Expo in Berlin - helps golfers find the ideal putt line

The Hamburg-based Viewlicity GmbH has won the Auggie Award at the first Augmented World Expo Europe held in Berlin, Viewlicity announced Monday (October 31). Their start-up, PuttView, changes the way golfers uses augmented reality. PuttView showcased two of its solutions at AWE Europe including a projection-based golf assistant and a HoloLens headset – which gives golfers digital guides to taking the perfect putt. Frank Steinicke, Professor for Human-Computer-Interaction at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Hamburg and spokesman for AWE Europe, said: “Augmented reality solutions are particularly interesting in sectors in which perception and cognitive processing is supported by visualisation and where people have to have their hands free for other tasks.”

Tablet app for golf trainers

That’s exactly what golfers need for putting. Christoph Pregizer, founder of Viewlicity, said: “The ball usually follows the path that a player has achieved after lots of experience and training.” PuttView calculates the ideal putt line in real-time and using a beamer pointed to the floor. Now, a tablet app offers golfers “a remote controlled” system. Lukas Posniak, a co-founder of Viewlicity, said: “PuttView does more than simply show a line on the ground. PuttView creates a visual interface with the player.” The app even has a paint function that allows the trainer to project sketches onto the green.

Version for the golf course

The indoor version of PuttView has been available since May 2016 and is already being used for training by Golf Lounge Hamburg and Leadbetter Academy in Velbert Golf Club near Dusseldorf. The PuttView team is working on an outdoor version for the golf course with an augmented reality headset for visualisation. A prototype of the Microsoft‘s HoloLens was presented in Berlin.

Augmented Reality pioneer in Hamburg

AWE is the biggest fair in augmented reality, virtual reality and the wearables sector and took place in Berlin from October 18-19, 2016 under the theme, “Superpowers to the People”. Orin Inbar, founder and CEO of Augmented Reality.Org, said: “Anyone without golf experience can become a good putter using PuttView. You just have to follow the super, intuitive user interface and play.” Viewlicity GmbH’s “PuttView” is a pioneer of augmented reality in Hamburg. The sector has huge potential in Hamburg, according to Prof. Steinicke. He added: “Hamburg has established, young companies in the augmented and virtual reality sector. We should ensure that they grow in numbers.”

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